Ron Bettendorf Started doing Taxidermy at age ten. He did it part time for many years, and has been a full time taxidermist for twenty five years. He has experience in most all aspects of taxidermy, but do to time constraints and space he is forced to limit the volume of work that he can take at this moment. It is best to call first to ensure that time will be available for us to accept your mounts. 


With modern forms, and techniques used now, almost all taxidermists can do a good job of persevering your trophy. What we can't do as taxidermists is control what is done to the trophy before we receive it. That responsibility falls on the hunter. A common expression we often use here is, "A good taxidermist can fix that!" And that maybe true, but a good taxidermist is also going to charge you for fixing it! So, here are a few simple things to know that will help. Click "Trophy Care"