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Ron's Taxidermy


Ron Bettendorf started doing taxidermy at age ten. He did it part time for many years, and has been a full time taxidermist for 25 years. He has experience in most all aspects of taxidermy, but do to time constraints and space, he is forced to limit the volume of work that he can take per season. He specializes in whitetail deer mounts and this work takes up a majority of his work per year. At this time we are not taking predator mounts, varment or fish mounts. 

Limited Availability

Ron boasts a particular expertise in whitetail deer mounts, which account for the majority of his annual projects. Unfortunately, he is currently unable to accept predator, varmint, or fish mount requests


2023 Price List

  • Basic shoulder mounts - $625 (without a panel) 

  • Basic shoulder mounts - $675 (with panel)

  • Wall pedestal mounts will be an extra $75

  • Floor and table top pedestals - priced individually.


Reserve Your Mount

European mounts for deer will be $100 without a panel and $125 with a standard panel.  Other styles will be priced individually. 


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